TNB Missions International





         The Church of The Nazarene has always been Mission Minded.  But Missions is so much more than collecting money each month to support an emphasis.  We pray for our Missionaries as they accept and carry out the call of the Lord on their lives.  We send cards, and engage with them on social media, helping them feel connected to the local church and their families. Thru our giving we provide medical supplies and care for those in need. We purchase radio time and social media to bring the Good News to those in remote areas in their own language! We sponsor children to give them an education and share God’s love with them.  We take care of our Missionary’s medical and retirement needs.  Each local church is the wind beneath the wings of those called to fly. We have many opportunities throughout the year to show our love and commitment to share the Gospel to the world thru Missions.


*September’s emphasis is Alabaster, which goes toward the purchase of land and construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries and national workers. What a way to bless countless people! 



Purple-Diamond-Banner-jpg--clippedN.M.I Books Are Here!

 TO THE SHELTER, by Kay Browning
Stories of faith, trust and grace in a chaotic and sometimes hostile environment — the Middle East.
 THE ROAD BACK. Hope, Help and Healing for Survivors of Human Trafficking, by David and Lisa Frisbie
A look at the global effort to combat human trafficking through the Church of the Nazarene. 
 WANDA, by Carol Ann Eby
A compelling story of one woman’s response to God’s call upon her life and the faithfulness with which she made herself available to God — Ultimately becoming the director of what is now Nazarene Missions International.